Social Media Reflection: A Semester in Review

The end of another semester (my final undergraduate semester) is coming to a close. In my social media class I learned more than I had ever hoped to learn and more. From learning analytics I’d never even heard of to learning what content marketing meant, I’ve found a new way to use social media. I’ve learned about the best times to post on social media and even about new social media platforms I’d never used before. I learned to use Google+ and I’ve found that the audience that is reached there is completely different than the audiences I already reach on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I made a successful LinkedIn account and have used it to network with people from grade school, high school, college, study abroad and more. I am excited that I can use this new tool to make connections and help me with my job hunt. I loved that we learned to use tools like Klout, Kred, and TweetReach. I’ve been monitoring all those sources all semester and I’m proud of how my scores have grown.


My Klout score is currently a 59, but it has been teetering on the verge of 60 and 61 some days. I am proud to say that I use social media well and reach a lot of different people with my posts. Using Klout helped me realize how influential I can be if I post correctly.kredscore

Kred still kind of confuses me. I’m still unsure if I’m doing well. However my score has increased a LOT over the semester! Almost up to 630 when I started out in the low 600s at the beginning of the semester. However I do use this to figure out if I’ve been posting enough content across all of my platforms to make an impression, so maybe I do know how this stuff works!tweetreach

My tweet reach might be the most impressive stat that has changed. At the beginning of the semester my tweets were only reaching about 200 people, look at me now!

photo 2-2

Our visit to the humane society was something I appreciated a lot. Not only did we get a chance to see some adorable animals, but I also learned a lot about how to run social media effectively.

Making a social media analysis and then using the analysis to form a plan might be one of the most realistic projects I’ve ever done in school. I hope that I get to use my plan that I made or at least get the chance to do the same thing one day when I have a job! I think that this ability to analyze as well as formulate a plan is the most important skill I learned in this class.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I’ve learned a lot about social media (including that MySpace is back). I’ve also gained appreciation for those who run large social media- it takes a lot of time and energy to get multiple accounts on different platforms to have a similar look and feel as well as share content on a regular basis and answer back any questions or concerns. I cannot imagine the amount of notifications some of those Facebook and Twitter pages receive for larger companies, or even just the humane society! I found this class interesting and I can see myself using the skills I learned in this class in a professional situation. I think that this class was a great way to round out my degree and makes me a more useful job candidate.



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