Virtual Me

My personal brand on the internet is something I’ve just been made more aware of. I feel that I am pretty connected online as I have accounts on social media sites ranging from google+ to foursquare and everything in between. As it is important to show potential employers not only your best side but to also quickly inform them what you can do and who you are. Since I want to be sure my personal brand is on its way to becoming solidified and something that is easily apparent, I googled myself.

This is what I found when I googled my name.

This is what I found when I googled my name.

Luckily, I appear to be one of the only Julianna Zieno’s so I was relatively happy with what I found. My photography company Facebook page was the first hit. I’m glad this comes up first because it really shows my professional side and showcases a lot of my most recent work I’ve done and I update it regularly. I also like that my google+ page shows up on the side so I know that as soon as I finish that profile completely and professionally it will be a quick and easy way for people to learn about me.

I also am happy with the fact that when you go through the google image search that comes up with my name it links to my websites that currently house some of my graphic design and photography. My twitter profile also is one of the first things that comes up in the search which means that is something that I have to strive to make professional and a good reflection of myself.

Overall, I think I have well branded myself as a photographer and graphic designer. This is currently the skills I am comfortable with and would be looking for a job in and I think that all of my social media reflects that well except for my twitter. I think that my twitter is more of a personal account still so I need to put some thought into whether I want to make a second account to be personal and a main account that focuses on presenting my photography and design side rather than mostly horse things like my current account does. I believe that from googling me right now a stranger would see me as an aspiring photographer and designer. I believe that to improve my personal brand online I need to professionalize my twitter and make the most out of google+ as well as continuing to improve my Facebook photography page.


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